Top 5 Places to Visit in Croatia [Don't Miss]

Croatia is a country of wanders and a popular travel destination ready to accommodate any type of traveler with various preferences. It is beautifully located between Eastern and Western Europe. 

Because of its geographically diverse location this country stands out with its astonishing historical sites rich with Roman and Byzantine ruins, national parks and little towns and cities from Venetian times which didn’t remain unnoticed by UNESCO.

 Croatia is rich with its 1200 miraculous island and isles comfortably located on the Adriatic Sea.

Despite the fact that it’s a small country, it has so much to offer to the world that it can be quite tough to plan a trip and make sure to visit all the gorgeous sights.

If you’re planning to visit Croatia for the first time here are some excellent locations to visit first not to miss out the main and the most important treasures this country has to offer.


Image from fjaka by Pixabay

Being the capital of Croatia, this city has hosted millions of visitors over the past decades. It has become even more popular destination in the recent years due to the fact that this city was used as one of the main locations for the “Game of Thrones” shootings.

The iron gates, high towers and terracotta roofs truly pass on the medieval vibes and take one’s breath away with their charm. There is a reason why the old town of this city was listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When visiting Dubrovnik you should definitely see the enormous stone walls preserved from the 10th century. The entire old town is encircled with a long 1.2 mile walkaway, where reaching the top you can admire the beautiful views of cobblestone pathways, brick towers and unsymmetrical roofs of the old houses.

 The best way to discover the city is to put on a pair of comfortable shoes and wander around the old town on foot, since many hidden sights can be reached only by tiny pedestrian-only lanes. 

It is definitely worth visiting the Church of St. Blaise dating back from the 16th century. The charming Austro-Hungarian buildings won’t remain unnoticed by the lovers of art and architecture. It is highly recommended to also visit the Onofrio Fountan and the Rector’s Palace.

It is guaranteed that you will fall in love the centuries old narrow streets full of romantic cafes and restaurants, hidden courtyards garnished with colorful flowers and the entire medieval ambiance of Dubrovnik.


Image from Waldo93 by Pixabay

Split is Croatia’s second city located at the edge of the Dalmatian coast. The Diocletian’s Palace is what makes this city stand out from the rest. 

Preserved from the 4th century, the palace is acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It covers an area of 400,000 square feet and can be considered a small city itself. 

This walled complex can be accessed through four gates and encircles charming narrow lanes inside. This Palace truly dominates the old town of Split. 

You can walk around the town and admire centuries’ old churches and buildings, museums and gift shops. To witness the panoramic view of the city and the surrounding mountains it is highly recommended to climb up the bell tower of St. 

Domnium Cathedral located in the heart of the city. One of the gates of Diocletian’s Palace leads to the city’s Riva, the seaside promenade. 

Just like the other cities in Croatia this is the lively area of Split full of cafes and restaurants, bars and stores. If you plan to visit some miraculous Croatian islands, you can board from the Split harbor and visit Brač, Vis and Korčula islands.

Exciting news for the “Game of Thrones” lovers! Very close to Split is located the clifftop Klis fortress which was the area where the series’ shootings took place to present the “City of Meereen”.


Image from by Infinitcroatia Pixabay

Another well known city in Croatia is Zagreb, not any less astonishing than Dubrovnik. This wonderful city is all about Austro-Hungarian architecture, diverse street art and medieval buildings. One won’t get enough of the green courtyards and botanical gardens.

 This city is also rich with museums and galleries presenting ancient art and architecture. If you want to explore the cultural side of the city visit the Zagreb City Museum and the Museum of Broken Relationships.

 The highlight of Zagreb is Ban Jelačić Square located at the heart of the city. This vibrant area full of cafes and design stores is known as the meeting point for the locals and is always full of tourists 24 hours a day. 

You should walk in one of local bars in this area to taste the local craft beer. To get a better feel of this ancient city you can also visit the medieval Stone Gate and Strossmayer Promenade.

 When in Zagreb it is worth strolling at the open air fruit and vegetable market in the area called Dolac. 

What’s special about this place is the surrounding area with 19th century buildings and palaces giving the vibe of the upper town. The typical cobblestone lanes are hard to walk on but that is what makes this city extra special.


Image from Momonator by Pixabay

Istra, the western region of Croatia welcomes its visitor to the most romantic and colorful town called Rovinj.

 This little city is located at the Adriatic Sea dating back to the Roman times. Its Venetian-style palaces and tiny old buildings will keep you off guard. You are welcome to take the 200 steps of St. Euphemia’s bell tower and reward yourself with irreplaceable sceneries of the city’s rooftops and the little isles surrounding the town. 

The seaside promenade along with the fishing port gives the town of Rovinj special charm. The waterside cafes and restaurants are perfect to take a break to relax and enjoy the fresh seafood. Close to the port you can also capture the fishermen busy repairing their nets and boats.

 If you wish to get a nice suntan you can spend a few days at the rocky beaches of Rovinj. The art lovers should definitely take a stroll in the town to discover the local galleries, handmade souvenirs’ shops and artworks by local artists.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Image from Tangentbeta by Pixabay

Croatia is a country famous for its National Parks. There are eight of them and the most popular one is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is the largest one in the country and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The park covers an area of around 114 square miles lavished with cascades and waterfalls and 16 lakes. Plitvice Lakes welcomes visitors in any season with surprises of different seasonal flowers and plants.

 Hikers would not want to leave this place since there are so many paths and roads to hike through the forests of pine and beech trees. Just like the other Croatian cities and towns, this area too offers some romantic walkways and footbridges connecting the lakes.

Although the Plitvice Lakes National Park is always beautiful in all 4 seasons, it is advised to visit here in spring and fall since it is too busy in summer with around 15,000 visitors a day. It is impossible to walk around the entire park in one day, you can as well book a stay in one of the hotels located inside the park and fully enjoy this majestic piece of paradise. 

Croatia truly is a unique country to visit and explore all the ancient historical and cultural sites and parks, admire the breathtaking panoramic views of cities and towns and taste the local food and drinks. 

The convenient location of the country makes it easy to travel from Europe or Asia. There are many luxurious hotels and hostels of different preferences in all the cities and it is still affordable despite the huge flow of tourists and travelers to Croatia.

 This European destination is full of idyllic islands and rich nature and its doors are always open all year round to those who are planning to spend memorable vacations.

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