Exclusive Services

RNT Maclaren Yachts
Pre-arrival shopping service

We want you to have a seamless arrival experience at your stay. We’ll arrange for your groceries and essentials to be waiting for you at your Yacht.

RNT Maclaren Yachts
Restaurant reservations

Be exclusive, chic and stylish. Let us handle your reservations so you can savour elegant cuisine and fine dining at the best restaurants in each location.

RNT Maclaren Yachts
Event planning

At RNT Maclaren, we have the ability to provide you with customised event planning services that fit your party and travel interests. This includes the organisation of events of varying sizes and scopes in some of the most exclusive locations. We are fully committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Luxury cars rental

Get the freedom to explore in a more intimate and relaxed way. A Luxury car or motorbike rental is the best way to discover the hidden treasures all across the islands.

RNT Maclaren Yachts
Private Jet & helicopter charters

Avoid lines and delays with a private jet or helicopter charter. RNT Maclaren offers our discerning clients private jet or helicopter services to enjoy an elegant and secure journey. Allow us to make your holiday stress free, we are ready to arrange a private jet or helicopter to transfer you wherever you want.

Guided tours

Sightseeing tours and cultural visits are the best ways to explore Greece. We can arrange private tours for you to enjoy the top sights, culture and rich history.

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