Cyclades-Greece. Set on some of the most important historic ruins and sites of modern civilisation, the Cyclades make up some of the most exciting and sought-after holiday-making experiences in the world. These groups of islands are easy to access, hugely popular (worldwide), and are set on the middle of the vacant area of Delos (arguably, the birthplace of Apollo). Impressive, exciting and stimulating to all human senses – the Cyclades showcase rocky and turquoise settings in cool, cosmopolitan style. An ideal getaway site for party-goers, lovers, friends and families too – it’s another world that simply has to be seen to be believed. Sink your teeth into Cyclades

Things To Do:
✓ Meet & Mingle: see international celebrities, jet-set global visitors and up-and-coming business moguls. ✓ Feast: eat at the very best high-end restaurants – try Nammos. ✓ Dance: on your yacht (or theirs!) with old friends, or friends you’ve just met!


Paros is Perfection and it offers every traveler the best of all worlds. A pit stop at Paros features stunning sandy beaches, picture-perfect whitewashed villages and harbors that overlook jubilant social scenes. Enjoy an array of unique cafes, bars and restaurants all set by sounds of the sea. An 80’s New York Times Article titled “Quiet Heart of the Cyclades” put Paros firmly on the idyllic ‘must-see’ destinations map. And though it’s quiet no more, this now popular island has still managed to somehow preserve that original unassuming, local, friendly feel.
In terms of Things to Do, Paros has much to offer, including:
Photography: Pródromos and Márpissa offer remarkable inland village photo opportunities .Windsurfing: enjoy the wilder side of life at Tsardákia Beach and Khrysí Aktí Beach. Visit Cafe Del Mar: relax with friends as you sip your favourite beverage to soothing sounds. History: discover the ancient great cave at Antíparos.


Santorini hosts over 1.5 million visitors annually – so you know that the island is doing something right! Once you’ve seen a sunset in Santorini, its beauty will be imprinted in your mind for a lifetime. There are wonderful wines to be tasted, glittering sea swims to be swum and a remarkably vibrant nightlife! If you’re up for a walk and a bit of post-party contemplation, consider a walk. Amidst some of the most bold and bright natural beauty on earth, take a stroll in Fira north to Imerovigli by the caldera-edge footpath.
For Things to Do, Santorini offers:
Scuba Diving: for excitement you can’t beat Aspronísi where wrasse and damselfish live. Photography: for volcanic dark-grey sand scenes to set the mood, head to tidy Kamári. Spa: spoil yourself with some Santorini style spa sessions ranging from thermal to custom. Dining: be sure to have ‘Dinner with a View’ opposite the caldera.


Milos offers stunning beaches rich with bright colours of orange, pink and red volcanic rocks. As a photographer’s delight, Milos offers magical photo opportunities that make for meaningful art. Here is the island where Venus de Milo was found. Its enigmatic scenery captures the imagination with ease, and provides a powerful backdrop to an enjoyable getaway. Some say that Milos is the most beautiful Aegean island, and while first place might be debatable, it’s certainly up their with the best! Its apparent natural beauty shines like a sterling star of Greece, with its white rocks contrasted to its pretty green waters.

Discover pirate tales, catacombs, the multi colours of Emborios and Mandrakia and of course, cliffs and sunsets that are distinctive to Milos. Milos Things To Do: ✓ History: hide in a cave like a pirate of the past and learn about rich middle age Milos history! ✓ Climb: enjoy the Panagias panoramic view from the courtyard, take your camera.