Bahamas is synonymous with bliss, for many, and no wonder, as it hosts over 700 relaxing islands, islets and cays in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the site of ‘The New World’ in 1492, where Columbus had his first landfall. As an archipelagic state in the Lucayan Archipelago, it has appeal which manages to strike a balance between the old and the new.

It is sinfully easy to do all but nothing in the Bahamas. Afterall, inviting white sands and perfectly tempered waters make for a great, endless, cocktail hour! But sunbathing and zoning out aside, there really is lots to do here, so don’t miss out. With many water sports activities available for try, featuring fishing, diving, sailing and the local favourite of bonefishing (aka fishing for bonefish), there’s enough to motivate even the laziest of leisure seekers.

Things To Do in the Bahamas:

  • Explore: some of the biggest underwater caves in the world!
  • Hike: three amazing National Parks.
Abaco Islands

The Northern Bahamas are an untapped gem in the Caribbean, but the Abaco Islands are worth a look-in, offering hundreds upon hundreds of kilometres of untouched forests, deep reefs, rustic villages and mysterious uninhabited cays.

Expect delightfully calm waters for wading through, and soothing warm wind on a stunning, seemingly cinema set. If you want to get back to nature and back to yourself, the Abaco Islands are a great host to humility and awe. Here you will find a panoramic wonder that excites and inspires globetrotting travelers from every conceivable corner of the globe. The infamous Bahamian cocktail called ‘Goombay Smash’ was first invented here, so be sure to head to the Blue Bee Bar for a taste of an original!

Things To Do in Abaco Islands:

  • Snorkel: to the barrier reef of Great Guana Cay, one of the most beautiful in the Bahamas. Seek out the amazing Atala butterfly.
  • Golf: get into some championship golf course competition at Treasure Cay.

The Exumas are an impressive archipelago comprised of 365 islands and cays, approximately 56 kilometers southeast of Nassau. The Exumas are separated into three large areas: The Exuma Cays, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, and excitingly, every area provides a distinct Bahamian opportunity for exploration.

Want chilled out and relaxed vibes? Head to Great Exuma and Little Exuma. Want a luxury playground? Sail to The Exuma Cays where you will find luxury resorts, watersports, parties and brilliant beachside apartments. No matter which style you seek, The Exumas stunning sapphire-blue water will make you feel at ease, and its exotic, dreamy footprint-free beaches will make you feel as if you own the whole archipelago!

Things To Do in Exumas:


  • Ultra exclusive and absolutely fit for the wealthy, celebrities, and iconic captains of industry, here, it’s luxe living plus partying, playing and doing it all ‘your way’. In the Exumas you will find the ultimate island escape.



The Lucayan National Park is one of the worlds naturally occuring wonders. Established in 1982, you’ll find it between Freetown at Gold Rock Creek and Freeport, on the Grand Bahama southern shore. This majestic natural park features a gigantic underwater cave system, with elevated wetlands walkways and sand dunes.

The park is critically important to local biodiversity, and a range of remarkable flora and fauna findings have been discovered right here at Lucayan National Park. From curious centipede-like findings to three unique, protected birds (the Olive-capped Warbler, the Thick-billed Vireo, and the Bahama Swallow), there are lots to see and do here, especially for nature lovers.

As an outdoor enthusiast delight, you can certainly keep the kids busy here! From boardwalk walks to tropical fish finding, to park picnics and quality family time.

Things To Do in Lucayan National Park:


  • Explore: have an adventure with friends or kids and re-discover the world again!

Marvel at the magic! For the most exhilarating snorkelling session that you’ve ever had, you simply must head to the Thunderball Grotto in the Bahamas. Many notable films were recorded here, including ‘Into the Blue’, James Bond movie scenes (‘Never Say Never Again’ and ‘Thunderball’), and even ‘Splash’ featuring Tom Hanks. You’ve probably already figured out that this grotto got its name from a movie!

You’ll find this grotto west of Staniel Cay, and its entrance is not immediately obvious to the eye, which makes this find all the more rewarding! You’ll need to enter at low tide for safety and ease, but once in, this brightly colored, fish rich kaleidoscope cave, is absolutely perfect for wading through the water, snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Positively brimming with exotic marine life, you’ll delight in identifying yellow-tail snappers, Sergeant Majors and Angel fish too.

Things To Do in the Grotto:


  • Date: for a one-of-a-kind date, take your love here!