The Caribbean offers heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes, vibrant, contagious energy and a cultural charm that’s purely infectious. From the West Indies islands to the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, its gulfs are rich with sailing goods! Swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman, or go racing in Barbados, the options are only limited to your imagination.

For a true piece of paradise in a totally relaxed, laid-back environment, you can’t go wrong by venturing into the Caribbean. Taste the local rum and dance the night away in unassuming beach-front bars, or get to know the local food with on-land taste treks. Let the rhythm of the Caribbean create a new energy inside of you – it’s contagious!

Things To Do in the Caribbean:

  • Aruba Adventure: take a submarine, sightseeing tour!
  • Get Wet: in Grenada by soaking yourself under the native waterfalls.
  • Bare-Beach it: at St. Barths, Saline beach where topless bathing is totally fine.
Antigua & Barbuda

These sister islands are superyacht and yacht destination dreams. Perfect for porting, this flat island is largely uninhabited and offers the quintessential Caribbean experience. There’s so many reasons to smile in Antigua and Barbuda and just one of them is the incredible local-made Rum.

St. John’s is the capital so be sure to make a stop. Here you’ll find a distinctly original accent which is unique to Antigua and Barbuda. The english accent amid sandy beaches, with corrugated coasts that host hundreds of beautiful bays, create the perfect contrasted tone for an original holiday experience. Find the candy-coloured villages and make time for photography – this will be a trip you don’t want to forget. It’s so scenic you won’t want to go home.

Things To Do in Antigua & Barbuda:

  • Eat Fresh: dig into tasty local seafood and rum while sitting on the beach at sunset!

It’s the spice island! Can you smell the nutmeg? This fruit-filled fantasy island is dense with luscious natural booty. Termed ‘The Spice Isle’, this nutmeg plantation island features colourful surrounds and not just in nature! The capital of St. George’s is set here, and its enchanting 18th century architecture is palpable from first glance.

Watersports lovers unite – the southwest region hosts a brilliantly diverse and reliable range of fun and active activities for all ranges of ages. For peace-and-quiet seekers and those more interested in reading a book under a palm tree, check out the coastline crevies which seemingly stretch on forever. The world-famous Grand Anse Beach at over 3 kilometers long, is not to be missed. Dubbed ‘one of the best beaches in the world’, it’s a regular on all Top 10 Beach lists.

Things To Do in Grenada:


  • Shop: head to St. Georges Markets on Saturday morning, for sensational spice shopping!


ST. Maarten

As St. Maarten continues the post-Hurricane tidy-up within popular tourist spots, St. Maarten resident spirits remain high and happy. International guests who are seeking some solitude, bursts of bright sunshine and perhaps a cocktail or two, can enjoy a wide range of beautiful beaches amidst natural beauty and a delightfully friendly atmosphere.

Visitors seeking sun, sand and solitude will find all 37 of St. Maartens beaches open for water sports, outdoor activities and marketplace shopping. This teeny tiny French-Dutch island is a mere 88 kilometers squared, so it’s a nice way to feel intimately connected to nature and the sea. Here it’s the duty-free capital of the world and welcomes people from all walks of life with wide open arms.

Things To Do in St. Maarten:


  • Nightlife & Bars: consider a visit to one of many seaside taverns for a drink and dance.
ST. Barths

If you want privacy, exclusivity and at no expense to experiencing true glamour and sophistication, St. Barths is undoubtedly for you. The island is impressive in the way that is manages to merge worlds of the style of St. Tropez, with the ‘smooth operator’ culture of a carefree Caribbean lifestyle..

Here you’ll find chic-casual mixed with rugged high-end and all in one place. See beachfront cafes glittered with dressy ladies in heels, next to teenage girls barefoot in swimmers. It’s a fun and playful place that’s a special kind of laid-back. International visitors wish they lived here and locals have a way of making everything seem cool. With french settler descendants and an eclectic mix of european nationals, there’s a delightful blend of culture, class, language and interests.

Things To Do in ST. Barths:


  • You’re absolutely spoiled for sun, surf, and sand choice here, with 16 beaches on offer, and each with its own original flavor.
Virgin Islands

Relax, kick-back and enjoy the Virgin Islands before more adventurers and island seekers find this rum-rich, unpretentious island mix. Falling into three distinct, separate areas, the Virgin Islands are comprised of the British Virgin Islands, Spanish Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands.

If you’ve already ‘been there, done that’, on most popular islands, expect the unexpected in this delightfully different, natural Caribbean setting. These collection of islands were once home to the Carib, Arawak and Cermic people, and were later famous for their quality sugar and tobacco production. Today, it’s all about laid-back, unassuming, unpretentious, English-Creole culture that’s diverse, accepting and wonderfully optimistic in nature.

Things To Do in Virgin Islands:


  • Try Something New: cultivate a palate for something different – try traditional cuisines such as Fungi or Callaloo. Both contain fresh local ingredients and are sure to inspire insight into the Virgin Islands lifestyle.
  • Connect with Locals: get into the culture and day-to-day happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the Virgin Islands.