Dodecanese - Greece

Dodecanese - Greece

Dodecanese is otherwise known as ‘The Twelve Islands’, and Christians may be familiar with this sites religious history, with a biblical background that includes Patmos, the site of ‘The Book of Revelation’ delivered by Saint John. This chain of islands feature many other islands, some inhabited and others not, with shared interesting history and rocks fought over by an impressive list of battlers, including the Germans, British Crusaders and the Ottomans

For walking, hiking and outdoor fitness fans, there’s fantastic trails and walks here. With more than 150 small islands and 15 large islands, many notable sites and history lessons live here. Landscape lovers will be giddy for great geology offerings found at Nisyros where an active volcano is located amid a darkened setting, and Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and further chains are both rewarding and rich with interesting, unique features.

Things To Do in Dodecanese:

  • Island Hop: From site to site as you please and in your own time with no rush

It’s the birthplace of the pioneer of modern medicine, that’s right, Hippocrates lived here! As part of the Dodecanese islands, Kos enjoys the best of all worlds. With its close proximity to Turkey, rich Greek history and dynamic global visitors list, it is the right place to experience a blend of influences, ideas and intellect.

Kos measures 25 by 5 miles, and is 2 miles from Carias coast (in Turkey). Strictly speaking, Kos is classified as being within the Kos regional group and therefore is part of the South Aegean region. Kos town is exciting, especially when it comes to eateries. It offers its guest a broad and diverse mixture of Ottoman and Venetian architecture, supported by brilliantly tasty unassuming cafes, restaurants and taverns too.

Things To Do in Kos:

  • Dine & Drink: Cuvée Restaurant will no-doubt captivate your tastebuds! It’s on Lambi Beach.
  • See & Swim visit the pretty beach of Kefalos for a swim & see adventure.

Rhodes never fails to inspire – perhaps it’s the classic sandstone architecture, palm tree studded skyline or romantically cobbled streets, or perhaps it’s simply the sunny atmosphere. With its recent old town Unesco World Heritage status assigned, there’s something for everyone in the way of history, sun, and fun

Platía Aríonos sees locals socialise by old-quarter bars, and as the saying goes ‘the locals know where to go’. Platía Aríonos offers an abundance of delicious Mediterranean menus which feature local produce and a lively, social atmosphere for all ages.

Things To Do in Rhodes:

  • Lose Yourself:for a day, get lost in the Old Town where 200 streets and lanes are nameless.
  • Play Chess:if you have kids to entertain, consider a trip to the Rhodes ‘pure fun’ Water Park.
  • Play Chess:for a private moment, wander to Kato Petres beach. But shh – don’t tell anyone!