French Riviera

French Riviera

The French Riviera has it all- From chic to extravagant, from glamorous to genuinely different -. As the jackpot of destinations, the French Riviera offers some of the most beautiful settings in the world. From the fishing villages in Saint Tropez adjacentto wild, international summer parties, this part of the world plays host to a stretch of remarkably ambient destinations, and has something, for everyone.

Blessed with a remarkably hospitable climate, the French Riviera presents exciting cultural and celebrity driven events, annually. From the world famous Yacht Show in Monaco to the Cannes Film Festival, you’re hard pressed to ever find a dull moment.

Things To Do in the French Riviera:

  • Fine Dine: take a submarine, sightseeing tour!
  • Shop:fashionistas should head to Rue d’Antibes for designer prêt-à-porter clothing boutiques.


The ‘Pearl of Côte d’Azur’ has been graced with presence of many notable figures. Picasso lodged in Antibes at the Château Grimaldi for six months in 1946, and Monet’s 1888 Cap d’Antibes painting was clearly directly inspired by Antibes itself.

The town has been a place of constant inspiration for artists of the past, tomorrow and today. If you’re intrigued by what local artists are creating, stroll toward the city walls to observe original and latest works of modern art. In this charming 16th-century historic town, you’ll find red-roofed seafront apartments positioned in rows. Ideal for evening strolls and to enjoy music with friends, it’s low-key and inspired.

Things To Do in Antibes

  • Listen: to the oldest European Jazz Festival in July.
  • Date & Dine: at one of the lovely little local restaurants on the water.


You can’t beat Cannes. This iconic setting invites explorers to discover an international cinema scene. Stay on the look-out for celebrities from countries all over the globe, and be sure to visit 'Chemin des Etoiles' where you’ll find the stars handprints in pavement. As a city of certifiable luxury - there’s nothing that can’t be done.

But if you’re up for a little adventure, consider a day-trip to Cannes lie the Iles de Lérins (just 15 minutes away from the mainland). Ile Ste-Marguérite, and Ile St-Honorat are two delightfully unassuming islands that seem to value the principal of ‘less is more’. So when the bright lights of Cannes get a little overwhelming, feel free to disappear into obscurity, in style.

Things To Do in CANNES:

  • Carpe Diem: seize the moment and head to Cap d’ Ali where you’ll find captivating emerald waters.
  • PARTY: shake that island sand off it’s time to party! Cannes, Saint Tropez & Monaco all deliver the perfect party atmosphere.


Once upon a time, Saint Tropez was but a simple fishing village - today, it’s an internationally acclaimed seaside resort, that’s dedicated to those who are seeking the sweeter side of life. In luxury, pleasure and enjoyment, Saint Tropez wins. It offers an unbeatable kind of modern melting pot that presents perfectly formed opportunities for frivolity and fun!

Though Saint Tropez is not just about the luxe scene, it also presents some small and sweet more simple offerings, such as ‘The Old Village. Revel in the richness of rustic buildings from time gone past, and meander toward a set of more secluded beaches (such as La Glaye beach), via the Quai Mistral to the Portalet tower.

Things To Do in St.Tropez:

  • Pray: pass by the parish church where you’ll find a bust of Saint Tropez himself (look left to the alter).
  • Review: ochre designer shopping streets are positioned unassumingly amidst local grocer shops.


It’s all in the name - Nice, and it most certainly is! It has been classified with esteem, as the “capital of Côte d’Azur”. As a classy, good-looking, cultured, desirable city, resistance to Nice’s charm is absolutely futile. Allow yourself to be flung into a fling with Nice - whether for a summer, season or just for a day.

If you like people watching than the Promenade des Anglais is the place to be. You’ll find fellow travellers strolling, smiling, and sitting in deep contemplation of life and all the beauty it has to offer. Be sure to explore - La Prom, it twists five miles around the Bay of Angels. This stretch is artfully, naturally hallmarked by beautiful palms and pergolas.

Things To Do in NICE:

  • Sip: a strong coffee on a seaside sidewalk and peoplewatch.
  • See: the vibrant and bright colourful markets and museums.


Monaco, it’s a magnet for socialites, the rich, the high-rollers and even the hedonistic. It’s the second-smallest country in the world (with the Vatican taking out first place), and is also home to the prestigious Formula One Grand Prix. It’s decadent, high-end, luxe-life surrounds precede its reputation, and premium boutique shops, hotels, nightclubs and bars present as the prime place for partying, at any age, stage or phase!

This tiny city-state packs a punch. It’s got the elegance of Monte-Carlo and the upscale excitement in its casinos. Pack your very best and dress for success at the ornate opera house, Salle Garnier. If you’re around in about mid-September, then you can’t beat the most beautiful boat (yacht) show The Monaco Yacht Show. Mingle with the Monaco elite, and celebrate life with celebrities!

Things To Do in Monaco:

  • Spend Big: decorated opulently with bronze and marble - it’s all glitz and glamour at Casino Monte-Carlo!

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