Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Want to be spoiled? Simply sail toward the Indian Ocean, where choices are endless, and an abundant array of varying culture is right at your fingertips! Naturally when it comes to selecting a scene here, it’s quite tricky - purely due to so many high quality options. How does one simplify?

With the Indian Ocean being the third biggest oceanic division worldwide, there’s much to explore and experience. Take your tropical pick from the Asiatic north, to the grand west of Africa, the exciting east coast of Australia (the land down under), or into the Southern Ocean. From crystal clear calm waters in the luxurious lagoons of Mauritius, to the simply stunning scenes of Seychelles, welcome, to heaven on earth.

Things To Do in the Indian Ocean region:

  • The Maldives: meander on a dream-like desert island where aqua water glistens in both the day, and night.


It’s the land of the ‘S’s’: Smiles, Sun, Swimming and Sand! Welcome, to the Maldives. It’s a climactic start or end for a superyacht, yacht or sailing mission. Here, white sands meet seas that are just bursting with an abundance of fresh seafood and fish. It’s where the weather lets you want for nothing, and troubles sink with ease to the bottom of the ocean floor.

Comprised of 26 steamers via double-island chains, the Maldives govern approximately 1,190 beaches and beautiful coral islands. Lagoons are sprawled around every island and impressive reefs naturally protect and preserve this diverse range of island life. Warm rays, perfect breeze and a year-round friendly atmosphere makes the Maldives a must-have on any voyage. Spectacular underwater sea-life is the star of this site, so be sure to grab your snorkel and flippers!

Things To Do in Maldives:

  • Sway: in a palm tree set hammock while listening to local musicians play soothing tunes on the beach.


Did you know that Seychelles is also known to be called “The Garden of Eden”? One glance around this stunning archipelago, and this decadent nickname all begins to makes sense. Unarguably, this destination is textbook perfect in terms of an island escape. Here, it’s conceivable that it hosts a certain kind of magic. As many who have been can attest, it’s the place that dreams are born in, and where newfound passions and treasures can be found. For respite, rejuvenation or total relaxation, it’s ideal for any occasion, whether a celebration, anniversary or simply a getaway.

This archipelago is comprise of 115 islets and islands, lying north-east of Africa. It’s gorgeous granite land is seemingly decorated by supreme beings with its tantalising turquoise seas, vibrantly coloured rich red coral reefs and outstanding flora and fauna island-wide. Whether you’re interested in finding yourself, or losing yourself, there’s over 400,000 square kilometers of island gems to choose from, and lots of rustic man-made facilities and beauty to behold.

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