Italy – just the name brings about a collective whimsical sigh. The beauty, the food, the culture, the romance! Italy has got it all, and you could say that Italy is ‘the full package’. Famous for its remarkably diverse landscape and rich cultural offerings for visitors young and old, it’s perfectly poised for a charter in any season.

Whether you picture yourself in Portofino, or cycling along the Amalfi Coast, Italy has so much on offer, so that you and your companions will never be bored. Explore Naples with friends, clink champagne flutes in Capri, or simply reflect on the spectacular scenery of Ischia as you dream up new and exciting places to sail toward.

No matter what delightful areas of Italy you decide to see, do it from excitement in the comfort of luxury, style and decadence


Elba used to be known for its minerals and ores, and even today, its stunning hills are seemingly sprinkled with delightfully coloured crystals, such as green beryl and purple amethyst. Find them twinkling at Month Capanne amidst the slopes, particularly detectable after bouts of rain..

Today, Elba is probably best identified as the site where Napoleon was once exiled. It’s the third largest Italian island, and is a genuinely gorgeous, rural paradise. In Elba you’re spoiled with startling coral reef, perfect for scuba diving fans, and is poetic with its romantic landscapes and quiet beaches.

Things To Do in Elba:


  • Eat Differently: La Ferrigna welcomes you with a Chef who smiles at every guest as they arrive. Try the fish!
  • Create: fans of Photography, Writing or Art are encouraged to take the time to create something new here.



Portofino’s piazzetta regularly hosts the international elite during the summer season. Everybody who’s anybody, from fashionistas to film stars site this pretty pastel-coloured vista as one of the best destinations in Italy. It may be small, but it’s mighty!

Portofino bursts with beauty that’s truly second to none, and away from the summer seasons, a quiet, touching beauty is born. The Italian Riviera boats the best opportunity to truly experience la dolce vita up close and personal. This small, sweet stretch spans the coast of Liguria, from the French border to La Spezia, making for prime-positioning for your ongoing journey.

Things To Do in Portofino:


  • Dine: Taste the delicious local seafood, after all, Portofino is a fishing village.
  • Private Concert: sail to San Fruttuoso Abbey, a secluded Romanesque monastery for a private music concert of any genre.
  • Shop Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and more, all within an absolutely idyllic village setting.



The Amalfitani are only approximately 7,000 inhabitants and enjoy a lovely little town with deep, rich, middle age history. It’s stellar setting is heartbreakingly beautiful and perfect for travellers who love private luxury. With vistas than span across magnificent mountains and glossy seas, Amalfi encourages every visitor to revel in the moment.

As the oldest Marine Republic of Italy, try to make it in time for the annual Regatta of the Ancient Marine Republics! Each year crews of rowers fight to win against competitors from Genoa, Pisa and Venice. There’s remarkable history and art to ponder, so be sure to slow down, sip a glass of something sweet and enjoy a cannelloni (which was invented in Amalfi!).

Things To Do in Amalfi:


  • Say a Prayer The Rector’s Palace – it’s packed with period costumes, chairs, and paintings of Ragusan Aristocrats.
  • Explore: take a loved one and get lost in the Valle Delle Ferriere.
  • Indulge: spoil yourself with a local lunch and limoncello.

Capri captures the imagination of its international and domestic guests, and not just with its natural abundance, but with its fascinating and dynamic history too. This majestic setting once played host to life of gloomy, reclusive Emperor Tiberius. How could anyone be gloomy with such bright seas and skies?

In modern times, Capri was catapulted into the international luxe lifestyle scene from the 1950s onward. Remarkably, no matter how many times you venture to Capri, it never fails to delight. Its bouncing lively piazzas, sparkling streets and Roman ruins enthrall, entertain and energise. In Capri, there’s so much to do that it’s a task to even know where to start!

Things To Do in Capri:


  • Discover: surprise your guests with a trip to the Grotta Azzurra cave & see its stunning bright blue water!
  • Shop: know someone who loves Cashmere? Visit Amina Rubinacci “The Queen of Cashmere”
  • Snorkel: revel in the secret underwater caves buried beneath the surface!

“The Green Island” is the biggest island in the bay of Naples, and it just so happens to feature lush green mountainous scenes, fringed with romantic pearly white beaches. If you’re seeking a delightful range of superb dining, rustic shopping, romantic locations and endless spas, you’ve set sail in the right direction.

Ischia’s volcanic hot springs with mineral-rich waters are a mandatory must-see. After relaxing, discover rustic artisan shopping and designer chic boutiques too. Fancy a quirky beach picnic? Try `Spiaggia delle Fumarole’ – a volcanic beach with piping hot sand! To have this unusual experience, simply wrap fresh quality fish in aluminium foil and bury it beneath the sand. Have a lazy swim while it cooks, and enjoy with wine as the sun sets – it makes a great story to tell your friends!

Things To Do in Ischia:


  • Relax: allow the natural hot springs to soothe your skin and replenish vitality.

If you love people watching, pizza and exploration – Naples is for you. In many destinations worldwide, street food is not recommended. However there is an exception with Naples. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is highly recommended but be warned, they offer only two options: tomato and mozzarella or tomato and anchovy – a small price to pay for perfected pizza.

Pompeii still demands attention to this day – 79 AD saw Mount Vesuvius’ most catastrophic eruption, where the wealthy citizens of that time were all but wiped out. Today, “The Garden of the Fugitives” serves as a sobering reminder of our shared mortality. But, for the Naples of today, consider enjoying some lively street people-watching from the many charming city bar and rooftop terraces.

Things To Do in Naples:


  • Eat: dare to indulge in the tastiest international street food.
  • Reflect: visit San Severo Chapel Museum to see ‘The Veiled Christ’.
  • Shop: for Christmas, pick up original trinkets from the Nativity Markets.