South East Asia

South East Asia

Southeast Asia is exciting, rewarding, magical and different. It’s great to visit for a shake-up to traditional routes and holiday routines, and is sure to inspire new appreciation for megacities, street hustle and bustle and contrasting peace found in sunsets on the beach.

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, it attracts young international backpackers, the global business elite, families, stag-parties, hens nights, celebrations of all kinds and travellers who want adventure! It’s constantly low-price offerings and high value experiences assure travellers of all backgrounds an enriching experience, and it’s brilliant blend of old meets new means that there’s something for everyone. Explore terrifying to absolutely tantalising local foods, from fried bugs to street Pad Thai that’s simply unbeatable.


Thailand is affectionately known as the Land of Smiles, and for very good reason. If you’ve ever been before, you know that it’s easy to find grinning greetings year in and year out, no matter the context, season or setting. And there are so many reasons to smile in Thailand – with its powerful spices, dynamic city living, movie-scene beaches and outrageous nightlife!

Just one day in Thailand can transport you from the most beautiful prayer temples, to tawdry, tacky and terrific nightclub/bar tours! It’s the polar extreme experiences here which offer the greatest depths of insight into this truly explosive and exciting culture. Whether you’re here to understand its rich history or experience its unique village on stilts, or to explore its waters by diving, or to have fun sourcing local produce at fresh fish markets, there’s one thing that’s for sure – Thailand is anything but boring!

Things To Do in Thailand:

  • Cook: get local cooking lessons with native Thai spices and ingredients, impress your friends back home!

Like a scene out of The Jungle Book, the Raja Ampat islands are a brilliant Southeast Asian hideaway that is positively bursting with life! With its very low population, an island count reveals over 1,500 islands, featuring romantic lagoons, scary caves, exciting ocean life and vibrantly coloured birds.

As perhaps one of the remaining lower population tourist sites, it makes for a great private destination for couples, families and of course, new dates. It’s very hard to beat these sublime settings and undisturbed natural terrain. You’ll feel like an explorer of years ago, finding natural treasures, sighting wildlife and exploring hidden caves and natural crevices. Divers delight in its deep sea dive and surface snorkelling offerings too – with its reef supported ‘biological hotspot’, scientists have a special place in their heart for this place.

Things To Do in Raja Ampat:


  • Swim, Snorkel & Diveget all kitted up with an instructor and dive deep into this remarkably diverse ocean floor.