Prince Philip isn’t the only God here (at surface inspection) - in fact cheekily, you could say that the thousands of millionaires and billionaires who’ve migrated here with stunning holiday homes, are comparatively ‘budding deities’ - at least in jest anyhow. That’s the charm of the South Pacific - there’s so much warmth (literally and figuratively), and whether rich or poor, you’ll be treated like a God - royalty or no royalty.

If super-friendly, generous, warm welcomes are your thing, sail to the South Pacific. From the beautiful brilliance of Fiji and surrounds to the delicate intricacies in Micronesia, this complex collection of island life is teeming with life.

Explore the volcanoes of Tahiti, the warmth of Melanesia, the excitement of untouched beauty and sunsets that are simply unlike any other. Discover the other side of the world and live in closeness to mother nature. Whether you’re interest in some natural meditation sessions on a Polynesian beach, or high-end dishes on-land in a five star Fiji restaurant, there’s class, style, elegance, rustic beauty and unassuming beauty for all to experience, and enjoy.


New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and consists of two primary islands. It’s home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the awe-inspiring Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson and of course, arguably the best rugby union team in the world (but don’t tell the Australians or English that!).

This is the land of dynamic and terrific contrasts, with cloud-piercing mountains, colourful coast views and breathtaking natural beauty abound. New Zealand is a natural choice for extreme sports to total relaxation. It’s easily able to host your needs, no matter the complexity, scale or requirement. Its poetic mix of calm and mild weather, juxtaposed with dynamic adventure and extreme sports make Auckland and surrounds an absolute must-see.

Things To Do in New Zealand:

  • Skydive:feel the weight of the world wade away with an expert tandem, couples or solo skydive!
  • Bungee Jump: get crazy and challenge yourself with a credible Bungee Jump provider - do it with friends or dare your partner.


Tahiti – it’s biggest Windward group island in French Polynesia. Marlon Brando brought this humble island escape to the world’s attention in the 1960’s when he was searching for a prime location for the famous film Mutiny on the Bounty. Once a remote and undisturbed haven for Tahitian Royalty, today, it’s a high-end tropical tourist spot for only the most discerning international travelers.

Here you’ll find a seemingly eternally glittering sea, impressive mountains, colorful orange and lemon groves, towering tropical forests, infinite coconut trees, native fruits, hibiscus trees and even, adorable pandas. Tourism is absolutely pivotal to Tahiti and is a largely influential industry.

Try new Things To Do in Tahiti:

  • To Market To Market:take a deep bag or basket with you – you’ll need it! Shop at Marché de Pape’ete – the Municipal Market. It’s the oldest site on the island!
  • Spa Day: treat yourself to an on-land spa session at one of Tahitis five star spa services.

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