Sporades - Greece

Sporades - Greece

Located in the Northwest Aegean Sea, you’ll find the glittering Sporades Islands. This delightful group of Greek islands include Skyros, Alonnisos, Skiathos and the Skopelos Islands. Many Hollywood feature films have employed these gorgeous sites in their landscape shots, particularly the movie Mamma Mia who shot the island of Skopelos to fame!

Pretty, unspoiled and rich with delicious local produce for your enjoyment, try local honey, seafood, rich olive oil and delicious fruits. Unassuming wooden architecture hints at a casual, warm welcome. These islands feel like an embrace – comforting, soothing and intimate all at once. Explore the villages and towns of the islands, and chat with locals in beachfront taverns. Luxury and an easy way of life blend effortlessly here, and an array of aesthetically pleasing views seem to recalibrate the soul.

Things To Do in Sporades:

  • Indulge: taste the locals produce and live their day-to-day luxuriously simply way of life.

The locals call it Alonisos or ‘The Old Village’ and it’s an Aegean Sea Greek island. Patitiri is the islands main port and you’ll find plenty of hydrofoil, ferry and catamaran movement here. It’s highly regarded for its impressive villages, beautiful hill-top Aegean Sea views and romantic, relaxing environment. Though pretty, this island has seen its fair share of hardship, with the 1965 earthquake damaging much of its structures, today however, it’s a beautiful mish-mash of old broken relics, and the new.

The powerful beauty keeps its local and migrant community happy. This place has a genuine feel to it and offers delightful dining featuring fresh local produce. If you ask the locals, they might say that Chora is the best place to venture to for an exquisite view. Picnics are pretty from its hilltops, so pack a nice local lunch with olives and enjoy the view. Dates, family fun and strolls are all a delight from the popular areas of Steni Vala, Patitiri and Votsi.


Skopelos is all about scooters, sleepy shady spots and sweet homes filled with delicious meals that smell divine. Tourists come here to feel a home away from home, and there’s so much to enjoy here with its delightful happy locals, long winding alleyways, simple restaurants and timeless whitewashed houses. Don’t come here for the great wifi or technological services though, here it’s all about slowing down and enjoying the sweetness of life.

This slopey, sleepy, sweet island is one of many islands which make up the Northern Sporades islands. The irrefutable charm of Skopelos is its simplicity. A stroll on-shore looks could be a scene from a novel. Fishmongers are often friendly and store-owners love a gossip so it’s certainly not hard to make friends! It’s pleasant shrub-filled alleys, streets and gardens make the best setting for a sneaky afternoon siesta.

Things To Do in Skopelos:

  • Play Chess: with the local men of the island, but be sure to bring your best moves!



Skiathos makes up an aspect of the Sporades archipelago and is an exciting Greek island that’s located within the northwest Aegean Sea. Here, you’ll find a stimulating nightlife with lots of young bars, nightlife and restaurants where you’ll find a very fun and creative scene.

In summer, Skiathos is simply sensational. It hosts Italians, French, Spanish, American and United Kingdom travellers all at once and in impressive style simultaneously. Its dynamic day and nightlife present street pedestrians with the perfect opportunity for ongoing adventures. Shops, markets, open-air cinemas and harbours host lots of activities year-round amid luscious green grounds and beautiful beaches.

Things To Do in Skiathos:

  • Party: with so many places to party, both on-land and on-shore, bring your dancing shoes!
  • Play: allow yourself to try something new with the endless array of day and night activities on offer.