Turkey offers vibrance and a melting pot of experiences that are bound to excite all of your senses! From The 14th Century Sumela Monastery to The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Turkey today is all about blending the old with new in new, dynamic and unforgettable ways

Two must-see itinerary items are already set-out for you, with the unmissable Cotton Castle of Pamukkale and dramatic Ancient City Ruins of Ephesus up first. Though, there’s so much modern enjoyment to be had that it would be remiss to neglect evening leisure indulgences. Be sure to make a pit-stop at Ciragan Palace Kempinski’s ‘Le Fumoir’ Bar. This luxury drinks hotspot features all the crowd pleasing favourites like Champagne, Cigars, Cognac and Cocktails, with a perfectly manicured palm tree background backdrop.

Medieval Castles and virgin bays are begging to be discovered, and sprawling coastal villages and small country towns offer charming rustic pleasures that are sure to inspire renewal.


In Bodrum it’s simply impossible to be bored. It’s the prime position for a cruise stop-off en-route to South Turkey and boasts beautiful traditional baths for your post-voyage wind-down. Located between the Gulf of Madalya and the Gulf of Gökova, it provides a perfect placement for ongoing sailing and adventure.

This bright and vibrant port attracts regular tourists year round. It charms with the famous Castle of St. Peter and township energy. Have a private chef cook your fresh market selected seafood on the beach of your choosing, and later, get ready to explore the nightlife of Bodrum.

Things To Do in Bodrum:

  • Customise: get your own Chef for the evening and have a feast with friends on the beach.
  • Party: Bodrum boasts new events, openings and activities seasonally – there’s always a party to attend!

The Jewel of Turkey’s coast – Alanya offers castles, classic mediterranean food and cosmopolitan perfection. This resort town on the Turkish Riviera boasts wide and beautiful beaches for long, lazy days of bliss. Reportedly, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt herself swam on these beaches! Today, the Alanya Castle confidently assures visitors that this town is surely still fit for royalty.

Whether you’re taken by the majestic historical sights amidst lush greenery and sandstone, or want to delve into the daily scene of locals via markets and shopping, you’re spoiled for choice! You can paddle-board with friends, jet-ski, windsail or simply lay in the sand with music in your ears. There are a range of delightfully delicious local fresh cuisines on offer (namely the seafood), so be sure to indulge often.

Things To Do in Alanya:


  • Get Active: enjoy all of the watersports that you can poke a stick at!
  • Create:get camera-happy and capture memorable moments with majestic backdrops.



According to the ancient Greeks, Datca was created by Zeus. Strabo said: “God sent his beloved creatures to Datça for them to live longer.”It’s 50 miles long within the Mulga province of Turkey, and is impressively unspoiled, luscious and green, and truly rich with seemingly unending inspiring sights.

Datca is all about the best quirky elements, of everything Turkish. It features picturesque pine-crested hills contrasted against deserted beaches and unending olive groves. As you get closer to land, you may even detect a mix of pleasant smells in the air. Thyme, rosemary and sage fill the air of this blue cove backwater peninsular. A sleepy village, you’ll find goats roaming local roads and a constant stream of old men sipping coffee in cafes.

You’ll find that tourists visit, but not for too long, mainly for short stops during cruises. In essence, Datca is the real, rural Turkey.


‘Unspoiled’ is the best word for Bozburun. Here, you’ll find untouched, slow-paced villages on miles of naturally preserved coasts. This is the place to recover and re-connect. It’s for talking, walking, exploring and simply ‘taking it easy’.

On the Peninsula, you’ll come across charming boutique shops, hotels and services that are by and large, unassuming and with a warm welcome. Big hotels and franchise chains are banned here, so if you’re seeking that truly untouched vibe, Bozburn is for you. Watch the boats get tied up as you sit in the shade of a 2,000yr old tree.

Things To Do in Bozburun:


  • Savour Sweetness:The Honey House Museum dishes out delicious local honey to take home.
  • See Wildlife: take the night trip to Turtle Beach at Dalyan to see turtles migrate for egg-laying!