“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands” – Sir Richard Burton

In Travel, RNT may as well be embodied with the tagline ‘Rediscovering New Terrain’ – because, though you may have already visited various global destinations, you’ve probably never enjoyed them in the premium, bespoke RNT MACLAREN International way.

From Greece to Italy, France to Seychelles and beyond – RNT presents you and your travel crew with absolutely unending options. Whether you’re seeking a dynamic return to well-known commercial places, or you’re more driven by discovering completely new places, we can shape the itinerary that interests you.

From remote hidden destinations that are far away, to neighboring on-trend terrain that’s both inspiring and in vogue. We’re so passionate about accessibility that we’re proud to present you with the broadest range of voyage options possible so that you’re never bored or short of things to see, do and experience.

For fashionistas try Mykonos Town (aka Hora) and indulge in scenes of whitewashed Cycladic mazes. Fans of photography will absolutely love the blue-domed churches, vineyards, and charming houses of Santorini in spring and summer. Lovers can unite on the Riviera di Levante (aka “coast of the rising sun”), and snuggle up in its mild and inviting climate.

Special celebrations deserve an equally special setting, so why not meander to the French Riviera, and enjoy its one-of-a-kind ritz, beauty, glamour, and charm. Party in Saint-Tropez and experience cinema in Cannes, before moving toward the microstate of Monaco for a meaningful time-out.

Though no matter what you don’t, don’t forget about the Caribbean. From Grenada to St. Barths, St. Maarten to Antigua – paradise awaits. Picture-perfect white sandy beaches paired with turquoise waters with tropical fish invite you to indulge and explore. Let the echoes of relaxing calypso drums soothe your soul, while sipping fine spirits in abundant natural beauty.

Special Inquiry?

A paradise for sailing or cruising the East Mediterranean Sea has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable vacation….

Greece is the perfect choice for a superyacht vacation. Home to over 200 inhabited islands and more than 8,000 miles of beautiful coastline….

For endless high-end services amid those postcard perfect views – this sun-drenched island is a site you simply cannot miss!….

Remember the film Captain Correlli’s Mandolin? That movie was filmed right here in the Ionian Islands, at Kefalonia….

Set on some of the most important historic ruins and sites of modern civilisation, the Cyclades make up some of the most exciting….

Located in the Northwest Aegean Sea, you’ll find the glittering Sporades Islands. This delightful group of Greek islands include Skyros, Alonnisos….

Dodecanese is otherwise known as ‘The Twelve Islands’, and Christians may be familiar with this sites religious history…..

The Saronic Gulf (otherwise known as the Gulf of Aegina – Greece), can be found pitched between two peninsulas called Attica and Argolis….

Turkey offers vibrance and a melting pot of experiences that are bound to excite all of your senses!…..

Visit cultural character capitals of the world in Croatia and Montenegro. With so much to do see and experience…..

Sun, sea, and culture, these are some of the reasons the West Mediterranean Sea is worth exploring…..

Italy – just the name brings about a collective whimsical sigh. The beauty, the food, the culture, the romance!….

The French Riviera has it all- From chic to extravagant, from glamorous to genuinely different -. As the jackpot of destinations,

The Caribbean offers heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes, vibrant, contagious energy and a cultural charm..

Bahamas is synonymous with bliss, for many, and no wonder, as it hosts over 700 relaxing islands, islets and cays in the Atlantic Ocean…..

Prince Philip isn’t the only God here (at surface inspection) – in fact cheekily, you could say that the thousands of millionaires….

Want to be spoiled? Simply sail toward the Indian Ocean, where choices are endless, and an abundant array of varying culture….

Southeast Asia is exciting, rewarding, magical and different. It’s great to visit for a shake-up to traditional routes and holiday routines,