singapore grand prix
SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX (Sept. 18th – 20th, 2020)

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most adrenaline-fueled and glamorous events in the world. This year, it will be held between September 20-22 at one of the most exciting areas in the city, on the streets of Marina Bay. The Marina Bay is all lit up by the streetlights and is filled with crowds during these days. This is one of the most special opportunities to witness high-speed sports cars and world famous drivers mastering the roads. The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix takes place late in the evening in the dark of the night, which makes this event even more exciting. Although, the circuit is so lit up and bright that it feels like daytime. There are numerous parallel events along with the Grand Prix such as post-race concerts, parties, etc.

You can get the best experience at the Formula 1 Singapore if you go for a VIP ticket, which will enable you to follow the race from an exclusive suite with the best view while sipping on fine drinks and tasting delicious dishes. You will also have the opportunity to socialize with the high profile individuals of Formula 1 and be present at the top-class entertainment.

The Singapore Grand Prix  is a truly glamorous event and showcases the best of the best in international standards. While in Singapore, you can also take the chance to explore this splendid city with its breathtaking buildings and sights such as Singapore Botanic Gardens and Sentosa Island. The waterfront promenade is simply amazing for evening strolls where you will also find lots of dining opportunities.

It is surely worth visiting this exotic city especially for the enigmatic event of the Singapore Grand Prix. You will undoubtedly live this astonishing city with exceeded expectations and unforgettable experiences.