Luxury Yacht Charters Experiance

The Charm of Charter

“The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage” Thucydides

There’s something that keeps bringing our Luxury Yacht Charters patrons back, and namely, it’s about uninhibited accessibility to various high-quality platforms for the ultimate in Freedom, Flexibility, Fun, and Fantasy. With no limits on the scope of both onboard and on-shore services to be enjoyed, from delectable fine dining to outstanding accommodation and extracurricular activities, there’s no better holiday option than booking a charter. If you’re ready to simply ‘get away from it all’ in pristine privacy, with friends and family, or with a select crew of colleagues and associates, you’ll be fully supported by the most celebrated and credible crews on the sea, for total safety, wellbeing and journey assurance. An RNT Maclaren luxury yacht charter can be super to moderate to small. Our Superyachts tailor to terrific and complex group needs, and our medium-sized range offer a fantastic array of options for discerning travelers. The smaller sized yachts also enable scenic sea travel and high mobility, so you can enjoy the adventure in any style, fashion, or any which way you’d prefer. Want to get a taste of what our charters are like? Simply engage in this simple exercise...: Close your eyes and imagine the very best table service, polite and courteous personal concierge staff readily available novelties, jets, helicopters, and last-minute escapades to concerts, venues and specialty destinations - that’s the RNT Maclaren charm of luxury yacht charters. Our charter services are all about capturing the very best of every elite international service industry and making your vision come true with class. We encourage RNT clients to guide their itinerary with quality contributions, for a truly personalized, original, privately enjoyable outcome. Amidst the glittering seas and golden sun, a charter is here to host the essence of what you seek - whether it’s relaxation, adventure or simply sensational fun.

Self care at the sea on our luxury yachts

"Taking care of yourself means that the people in your life get the best of you - rather than what's left of you" - Carl Bryan

There’s a proven clear connection between mind, body and emotion that proves, we’re only as well as the effort we put in to being well. At RNT Maclaren luxury yacht charters , our interest is in ensuring that you get absolutely everything that you need at sea, in order to maintain premium levels of self-care. Regular physical fitness and relaxation are key components of having a healthy, happy life. Without time to pause, re-energise and reconnect, we don’t do well long term. Stress accumulates in the body, and muscle-memory stores keep track. In cases of tension, we recommend enjoying massage, yin-yoga, meditation and special stretch classes - these gentle activities support better body functionality. For more active pursuits, there’s lots to do! From jet-skiing to water sports, gymnastics to boxing. For those who aren’t runners, athletes or high intensity enthusiasts, there’s no need to sacrifice fitness - there are plenty of other ways other to enjoy exercise, such as dance classes, cycling and more. We see self-care as the opportunity to reconnect the mind, spirit and body as one - so that you feel more whole, complete and healthy. Our passionate and ongoing commitment to delivering the best in fitness and associate facilities, means that you get to enjoy state-of-the-art group events, activities and unique private classes. For short to long-term physical maintenance while on the sea (which can be facilitated both on and off-shore), simply refer to our rich and diverse spa, fitness and holistic wellbeing menu. If you don’t see what you want - no issue. Simply communicate your requirements to our self-care team - they’ll be glad to procure the right resources for you directly!

Wicked Water sports on Luxury Yachts

“Out of water, I am nothing" Duke Kahanamoku

From water slides to wave runners, giant water trampolines to paddleboards RNT Maclaren Luxury Yacht Charters is about facilitating Fun with a capital F! For big kids to small kids, we cover every water sport imaginable. From purely for Fun to seriously energetic (and competitive), we cater to all flavors of preference with no fuss, and no hassle. .Kayak the cool blue waters with friends or jet-ski in groups for a race! Tackle different sized water trampolines or sail solo to an island. All of our equipment is up to code and safe for use, with our RNT team at hand 24/7 for one on one tutorials, guidance and even water sports training too. Create your obstacle courses with a hybrid blend of our coolest new toys, or keep it simple with straightforward exercise routines that use water as a weight. We create safe swimming areas with our restriction floats and spaces, and don’t forget to dabble in some deep-sea diving for spectacular adventure! For surf fans, we can guide you to the very best sea and surf breaks. For those who prefer on-land sports, we’ve got all imaginable activities ready for you such as volleyball, designer sandcastle building, obstacle courses, soccer, football, and even sand-based skimboarding. Want some air? No problem. We can safely get you up in the air with full support and the best equipment in no time. Have a go at windsurfing, kite surfing, and parasailing too! What are you waiting for?

Glorious gastronomy. Experience dining on our yacht charter fleet.

“Gastronomy is the knowledge and understanding of all that relates to man as he eats - using the best food possible” - Brillat Savarin

At RNT Maclaren luxury yacht charters, food is life! We are furiously passionate about all of the dynamic possibilities that exist within the wonderful world of international food and beverages. We understand intimately that culture, history, artistry and science can all meld into one delectable dining pot, for remarkable, heightened culinary results. Dining on the sea is no excuse for substandard nourishment and sustenance (or service!). In fact, meals offshore are an exciting opportunity for high quality experiences, paired with breathtaking water views and entertainment too. We’ve made it our mission to prioritise all of the current and on-trend crème de la crème service options for your total culinary satisfaction. From specific fresh seafood requests to rich imported Australian red wines, to the very best French champagnes to high-end caviar and decadent desserts. There’s no limit to the scope of what our chefs can tailor for you, so don’t be shy to share your food fantasies! In our search for multisensory delights, we’ve designed menus which both dare to be different and are decadent in nature. It’s our pleasure to predict your snacking, hor d'oeuvre and main-meal requirements, and we’ll be glad to pre-empt your special occasion needs with quality ingredients featuring original recipes. On your next adventure, dare to reward yourself with a customised menu. Take adventure to the tongue and delight your senses! We are glad to nurture a totally fresh take on customised gastronomy, where creativity and innovation are key. The core elements of each and every RNT kitchen are originality and quality, so be sure to explore our evolving, speciality gastronomy range on your upcoming voyage on luxury yacht charters.