News And Events

“Even though you’re growing up,
you should never stop having fun.”
– Nina Dobrev

Part of one of the greatest annual excitements in life is being able to experience a wide range of adrenalin pinching performances, shows and festivals. From the Mediterranean Yacht Show, to the internationally celebrated Cannes Film Festival, exciting Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, to the remarkable Abu Dhabi Grand prix. With RNT MACLAREN International ltd. you’re in charge. Take control of the octane and excitement aspects of your personalised, bespoke adventure.

Before you undertake your personalised, high-end travel experience, we’ll engage you in some fundamental questions. Such as: Who’s travelling with you? What are your guests interested in? & What would you like to experience? No matter what crowd you’re with, who you’re hosting or what you’d like to see, we’ll be sure to make it all happen for you swiftly and with ease.

Every Concert, Event, Show or exclusive Festival is accessible, no matter the location, exclusivity or type. And with RNT, we’ll be sure to get you there in style, on-time, and with every conceivable aspect of attendance, fully and comprehensively covered, so that you can concentrate on more important things, such as having fun with friends!

From booking tickets to arranging high-end onshore accommodation, assigning personal concierge staff to delegating the collection of your important pre-event shopping items - our expert RNT Events Team will be more than happy to support your dream events itinerary for the entirety of your trip with us.

Take your pick from the very best live entertainment and international events, or have us arrange exclusive, private performances for you, either on or offshore. We can arrange orchestestral cave performances, private jazz bands, solo singers and much, much more. So go on, be bold - live was made for living, enjoying and getting excited for!